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 April Bail Bondsman is a professional bail bonding company. We take pride in providing a prompt, convenient and cost-efficient bail bond service to the public.

An arrest can be a frightening experience, both for the person who has been arrested and for his or her loved ones. Unfortunately, most people don’t have a clear-cut idea of what needs to be done when an individual is arrested, especially if a request for release with a bail bond is involved. There are many different types of bail bonds, and securing one, especially for the first time, can be a confusing and difficult experience without assistance from a reliable bail bond company. If you or someone you know has run into legal trouble in Richmond, Chesterfield, Henrico,  Hanover, or anywhere in Richmond VA area, look no further than April Bail Bonds. We will be happy to provide you with expert consultation and prompt, knowledgeable bail services. Let us guide you through the process and put your mind at ease as you await release or the release of your loved one. 

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I have a 24 hour bail bonding service.   Plus . . .

At April Bail Bondsman you will be bonded in a prompt and courteous manner.

Here are the jails we serve:

  • Chesterfield County
  • Richmond City
  • Richmond Lock-up
  • Riverside Regional
  • Henrico County
  • New Kent
  • Pamunkey


We offer fast bail bonding service for people incarcerated in the following cities: Richmond City, Petersburg, Chester, Colonial Heights, Charles City and Hopewell and the surrounding Virginia counties of Chesterfield,  Hanover, Henrico, Powhatan, Dinwiddie, Prince George, Va, Amelia, and Caroline.


April Bail Bondsman
… 24 hour service.
She’ll Put Your Feet Back on the Street!

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